Welcome to the Sole Shop

The Sole Shop featuring Storehouse Flats

I am so excited to bring Storehouse flats into your lives!

✨ I am Cathy Wagner and I am the very first Storehouse Flats retailer in Philadelphia.✨ 

🌸Storehouse Flats are the most comfortable flats you will ever wear!🌸

 The vibrant colors of the soft, supple leather, the precise stitching, the gentle elastic that doesn't rub at the heel, and the padded insole that feels like you are walking on a memory foam mattress.

 Our shoes feature a split rubber sole, which allows the shoe to be folded in half and stored in your handbag.  
🌸We now offer a flex bottom sole which can also be folded.🌸

✈️They are great for traveling ✈️

🌸 🌸How it works when placing your order:🌸 🌸

🌸You add your shoes to your cart and shipping or pickup and pay for the preorder. You will have the opportunity to pay for your order in 2 payments by using the discount code posted in the Facebook group each month. You will enter that code during your checkout 🌸

🌸Once I receive your shoes I will ship your shoes within 48 hours of receiving them. All pick up orders will make arrangements for pickup 🌸

🌷Available in Women Sizes 5-12🌷

🌼Made to order. 6-8 weeks manufacturing time.🌼